Preserve Our Heritage Award image
Thie Preserve Our Heritage Award is given to individuals that have made outstanding efforts in helping preserve, renovate, enhance, educate, or research the history of Ogemaw County. The award is presented every year during West Branch's Fourth of July Celebration. If you know someone deserving of this award, stop into the museum to fill out a nomination form.

The winners of the award are as follows:
2014 Walt & Dianne Sappington for restoring the railroad freight depot.
2015 The Ogemaw County Fair for 35 yrs. of developing the heritage exhibits and activities.
2016 George Barry Wilkinson for his efforts in making the Blumenthal House into the museum.
2017 Sally Rea for her many research articles regarding Ogemaw County's history.
2018 John Bennett for preserving the history of Ogemaw County Veterans.
2019 Lucille "Lou" Wilebski for her work with the Rose City Historical Society.
2021 Chris & Art Galea for preserving an 1899 Victorian building
2021  Loggin' Wheels Questers for their support and work on research projects
2022 Lois Bergquist for her dedication to the Ogemaw County Museum.